Scientific journal
Modern problems of science and education
ISSN 2070-7428
"Перечень" ВАК
ИФ РИНЦ = 1,006

Editorial policy

The journal accepts articles with scientific novelty, papers that represent the results of completed research, articles of a problematic or scientific and practical nature.

The journal focuses on professional medical workers, researchers, educators, specialists in related fields of knowledge.

Articles are reviewed by at least two experts in the presented field of knowledge. The editorial office follows a policy of «double blind» peer-review.

Conflicts of interest

Authors must provide information about any potential conflicts of interest at the end of the manuscript. All forms of financial support, including any grants, should be mentioned in the work. Statements of conflict of interest have no influence on the decision of the editorial board.

Informed consent of patients to the use of treatment results

If the work involves the use of materials obtained in observations on humans and in their treatment, the authors need to provide information on obtaining informed consent of patients to conducting corresponding procedures.

The policy regarding double submission

Papers sent to the editorial office of the journal should not be sent to other publishers or be previously published. If the fact of duplicate publication is detected, the editorial office has the right to reject this manuscript. If the fact of duplicate publication is detected after publishing the article, editorial office have a right to provide a retraction of published article.

Open Access policy

In order to attract the maximum audience of specialists for a wide (including critical) discussion of published articles, as well as the introduction of the results of scientific research into the practice of domestic health care and medical education, the journal follows the policy of full open access to publications. The content of the journal is available to users for free. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print full texts of journal articles.

The policy about plagiarism

All articles sent to the editorial office of the journal are checked by Russian system for text reuse detection «Antiplagiat» in order to identify incorrect matching content.

In cases of detection the facts of plagiarism, deception, sending of duplicate publications to the journal, attempts to carry out technical modification of the article to artificially overestimate the percentage of originality and other facts of unacceptable behavior and violation of editorial ethics when publishing scientific articles, editors of the journal have the right to impose the following sanctions on authors:

  • Refuse to publish provided manuscript;
  • Prohibit publication of an article in a scientific journal within a certain period;
  • If by coincidence violations of ethical norms are revealed after publication of the article, such article should be removed from the issue of the journal.