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Modern problems of science and education
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"Перечень" ВАК
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The editorial office follows a policy of «double blind» anonymous type of peer-review. Reviews are stored in the editorial office of the publication house.

The article is sent to reviewers without specifying the names and coordinates of the authors. The works are sent for review according to the codes of scientific specialties. Reviewers work with the article as a confidential material, strictly observing the author's right to non-disclosure before publishing the information which is contained in the article.

If one of the expert reviewers refuses to conduct the review, the work is sent for examination to another reviewer who is skilled in that field of study.

The decision to publish (or reject) the article is made by the editorial board after receiving reviews and responses from the author.

If reviewers have comments or remarks on the article, they are sent to the author without specifying information about the reviewers. The editorial office sends copies of the reviews or a reasoned refusal to the authors of the submitted materials.

In case of refusal to publish the manuscript by the editorial office or refusal of authors to finalize the article according to the comments of reviewers, editorial office return all materials of the article to the authors and funds (except publishing expenses).

The editorial board of the journal carries out a constant assessment of the quality of the review using the Review Quality Instrument questionnaire,