Scientific journal
Modern problems of science and education
ISSN 2070-7428
"Перечень" ВАК
ИФ РИНЦ = 1,006

Aims and Scope/Journal’s aim and missions

The journal accepts articles with scientific novelty, papers that represent the results of completed research, articles of a problematic or scientific and practical nature; scientific reviews and clinical cases.

The journal focuses on professional medical workers, researchers, educators, specialists in related fields of knowledge.

All articles are checked by Russian system for text reuse detection «Antiplagiat». Articles are reviewed by at least two experts in the presented field of knowledge. The editorial office follows a policy of «double blind» peer-review.

The main aim of the journal is presenting the current results of researches in the fields of medicine and pedagogy to the scientific community.

The journal missions are following:

  • Increasing the professional level of researchers, doctors, teachers of medical universities;
  • Presenting the results of scientific researches and clinical cases, considering the effectiveness of methods of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases;
  • Discussing ways to improve the effectiveness of medical education;
  • Publishing information on new effective pedagogical developments that can be used in the field of medical education;
  • Promoting more effective integration of research results into health and medical education practices;
  • Providing information on fundamental achievements in the field of medical and biological sciences that ensures the development of applied medical science;
  • Informing readers about the results of Russian and international scientific forums;
  • Increasing the level of peer-review and editing of articles received for publication, following the policy of «double blind» peer-review.